August 9, 2023

Getting Your Home Ready for Hurricane Season: Essential Tips

Safeguard your home for hurricane season: Follow these essential steps to protect against storm damage. Source: FEMA Fact Sheet.

Getting Your Home Ready for Hurricane Season: Essential Tips

As hurricane season approaches, safeguarding your home is paramount. The destructive potential of hurricane force winds, turning everyday items into projectiles, demands preparation. Property damage is often exacerbated by post-storm rain infiltrating structures through vulnerabilities created by shattered windows, doors, and compromised roofs.

<p-color-red>Preparing in Advance: A Necessity for Safety<p-color-red>

Preparation is key to mitigating the impact of powerful winds and flooding. The following steps provide a comprehensive guide to ensure your safety, protect your property, and preserve your peace of mind. If you're a renter, collaborate with your landlord to fortify your living space.

FEMA underscores the significance of building codes in enhancing public safety and safeguarding property. Discover your area's building codes at<p-color-red><p-color-red>

<p-color-red>Stages of Protection: Gradual Preparedness<p-color-red>

Although hurricane-proofing your home involves expenses, you can spread them out over time:

  1. Replace landscaping gravel with lighter, fire-resistant alternatives.
  2. Trim weak trees and shrubs to prevent potential hazards.
  3. Shield windows with storm shutters or plywood, enhancing their resilience.
  4. Reinforce exterior doors with hurricane-proof features.
  5. Cover sliding glass doors with shutters or plywood to counter wind vulnerability.
  6. Upgrade garage doors to withstand wind pressure and protect your home's integrity.
  7. Seal exterior wall openings with top-quality caulk to prevent water infiltration.
  8. Secure mobile homes against high winds, following expert guidance and reviewing insurance.
  9. Anchor boats on trailers safely and examine your boat insurance policy.

<p-color-red>Stay Informed, Stay Safe<p-color-red>

For the latest Hurricane Ida updates, visit<p-color-red> <p-color-red>Keep updated via Twitter (@FEMARegion6) and Facebook (

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